Why We Love Them: Entrust in the best luxury eyewear accessory! The no questions asked best looking and functioning necklaces on the market, this is the ideal pairing to your favorite sunglasses or just great layering with other jewelry to add all that the gorgeous circle center piece embodies. 

Over the past 20 years, LA LOOP has created a new category in the eyewear space that has catapulted the industry. Combining fashion and function, LA LOOP is the Original Necklace for Eyewear. LA LOOP and eyewear go hand in hand. Patented swivel hinges ensure that the glasses when in the loop never fall out. Today LA LOOP is a global brand selling in over 28 countries in hundreds of specialty boutiques including Isetan, Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Seekers who discover LA LOOP share a keen sense of social and cultural awareness. This is what defines LA LOOP. Because when we believe that seeing things clearer and faster lets us all connect and see more collectively. LOOPin is the company's social good division which is built on a foundation of honoring those who give back and build community. We aim to inspire personal observation and agency.

Founding vision: LA LOOP was invented in New York City in 1999 by two entrepreneurial women who asked a question... "Why is there nothing on the market that is stylish and keeps my glasses at my fingertips?" It was this curiosity that led to the invention of the first LA LOOP which was sold in the high end Madison Avenue retailer, Robert Marc. After coverage in the New York Times Style Section and in Vogue listing LA LOOP as the go to fashion and function accessory, the Madison Avenue retailer sold 1000 LA LOOPs in one week.  Elizabeth Faraut's extensive fashion background and passion for connecting with retail partners who valued the same views around design, quality, select distribution allowed the company to expand authentically -- creating a community of LOOPERS (people who wear LA LOOP) around the world who love and can't live without the product.  This emotional connection is powerful and has proven to be the reason why our LOOPERS end up being our grass root marketing efforts. LOOPERS who wear LA LOOP end up selling and recommending LA LOOP to others. It's their best kept secret and they want to share what they have discovered.

BTS with Shira Lazer, LA LOOP Ambassador from LA LOOP on Vimeo.



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