Savile Row Eyewear

Truly Made in London

Pulled from our archives, these are the last remaining of our Savile Row stock that were locked away when savile row stopped production in London. Today we have decided to release these beauties to be enjoyed for what they truly are!

Founded in 1898

Max Wiseman & Co was founded in 1898. In 1932, Mr. Wiseman acquired a German old-school frame factory and relocated it to London's East End. The Algha factory, relocated from Rathenau along with its craftsmen and machines, stands to this day. The machines that were brought over are still in operation.

Modern day

In 1988, Margaret Thatcher ended the NHS' free glasses program. Overnight, Algha lost its customer base, and reinvented itself. Thus, Algha's house brand Savile Row Eyewear was born. Under this guise, Algha made frames for many celebrities, including Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Ben Kingsley as Gandhi, and Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. To this day, we make vintage-style custom-made frames by hand and using the same machines that were brought over from Rathenau all those years ago.

Still Real Gold

Using old techniques these frames are still created through a process known to the eyewear industry as "rolled gold", which amounts to a monel core wrapped in 18Kt gold which is then anneal creating a layer that can move with the new glasses, and then dipped in a 24kt finish to create the lustrous beauty we all know and love from this brand. 

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