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      T Henri

      T Henri


      Elegance and performance mold together like the most brilliant, exotic automobile designs to form our expertly hand-crafted eyepieces. Ennobling details from the aerodynamics, ventilation, and exhaust systems of the world’s rarest performance vehicles, the supercars of the past century are the inspiration behind the formulation and design features of this debut collection.

      This collection is one I can truly sink my teeth into with all of the automovite inspiration. Being a gear head seeing the subtle details linking back is something we don't see in many collections. Taken head on with a luxury approach, this is a must for any exotic auto enthusiast! 

      Modular titanium components forged in 18K Gold, engineered to last lifetimes. Constructivist details include Bespoke Octagon Rivets fastening our 5-Barrel Japanese Hinge secured with our Star lug. Translucent and perfectly volume tapered temples, showing our core details while displacing weight. One way and the way only... One Limited Batch Production.

      Once they are gone...they’re gone forever.