Vintage AO Calobar Sun Lens For Your Frame

Vintage AO Calobar Sun Lens For Your Frame

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AO Calobar lenses, the classic true pilot lens used in the 30's for daytime conditions. These are a filter that you have to see to believe. Bring color to life in all new ways. Sometimes old technology just does some things better. Let's call this the "analog" to today's "digital" and take a step back in time creating a beautifully buttery world of color! These specifically filter out the far ends of the spectrum while largely leaving our normally perceived colors along, reducing glare and bringing that brilliant color to life as I mentioned above.

Please call/email to confirm your frame will work for these. This is a glass, non polarized, non coated lens, only available in a 60mm blank size (In most cases this means we need a frame with eye size below 57mm to work), and when they're gone they're gone. This is no longer produced authentic vintage glass!

**Price includes return shipping for your frame. We can supply a shipping label at additional cost once we have verified your frame will work!

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