The Modern Aurora Square Sunglasses

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Tallulah Lee:
These are a three of a kind, and will never be reproduced! This one is inspired by a beautiful aurora across the dark night sky. As light passes across these the teal translucent comes to life and almost dances as you move, appearing to gradually move across the frame just as the aurora dances and moves through the night sky.

These are beautifully designed and thought out creating a striking appearance. The medium darkness of the lenses really help to let light permeate through the translucent brow helping add to Tallulah Lee's vision in creating an aurora like appearance.

Created to make a statement this frame is on the large side, but can be worn by most faces. The bridge fit runs more narrow but with plenty of splay for comfort on a wide range of noses. These run wider than the numbers would have you think, so judge carefully.

Eye 54mm, Bridge 22mm

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