Anti Fog Glasses Cleaning Cloth

Anti Fog Glasses Cleaning Cloth

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Tired of fogging glasses? US TOO!

I don't know about you, but I've been looking for a great solution to this problem for months! While most of my masks and glasses fit in a way to prevent it, that isn't true for most people!

  • A good solution that's simple to use!

  • One that just works, no matter the lens!

  • Finally, it's as easy as just cleaning your glasses!!!

One Lens Treated!

For this to work you just need to clean your glasses as normal, and finish with this microfiber cloth by wiping each lens 8-10 times! It keeps fogging at bay for up to a full day! Carry it with you in case a top up is needed, but I've found it to hold pretty true to that 12 hour mark in most conditions! 

That's it! Enjoy Fog Free Glasses All Day Long!

Each Cloth is good for up to about 200 uses!