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Vuarnet Sunglasses

Vuarnet Sunglasses
Unfortunately, As of October 31st 11PM EST without warning, Vuarnet has made the decision to no longer support any retailers selling their product online. Due to the nature of, as well as the handling of this decision with us, along with prior issues in doing business in general, we will no longer represent nor recommend the brand as a whole. All products remaining are deeply discounted to reflect this change on Vuarnet's behalf. Discounts are reflected automatically in cart for each product at 40% off.

For more information see our Youtube video here

For a more upstanding company that has already supported us in our endeavors and taken care of clients more in six months than Vuarnet did in 3 years check out Revo (, or any of our other luxury collections for the most amazing sunglasses you've ever experienced! Personally I'm a huge fan of T Henri.

For alternative Glass options aside from Revo's limited glass offerings, we also recommend looking into Serengeti or Bajio. Each of which we will consider working with in the future. 

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