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One of the most classic and enduring sunglass styles of all time, the Saratoga hasn’t been produced in decades. Now it’s back and better than ever, made by American craftsmen using the finest global components.

Classic good looks meet great style and fit in this frame. The Saratoga has been updated and brought back to life with AO in new hands. This classic frame is a must have for any capsule wardrobe, as it makes a great staple or signature look that will be in fashion for decades! These haven't been produced in many years, but now they're back to take the world by storm!

Lens Choices:
The Saratoga is limited to Lens Color by Frame Color, choose for style or needs! AO Has done a great job pairing classic colorway choices for each lens. Choose carefully! All versions available as polarized or non-polarized! 

All Saratoga are equiped with lightweight Nylon lenses with backside anti-reflective coating for maximum clarity and performance!

Green Lenses: These will provide a nice calming effect while adding a beautiful punch of color to the world. One of my favorite lens color choices where available!

Grey Lenses: Nice, soft, color neutral, and still dark enough to provide plenty of comfort all around.

Brown Lenses: Designed to enhance contrast and have a nice warming affect. These are perfectly at home out on the road!

Sizing falls in the medium to average area, with a very nice cut to the bridge allowing it to fit a wide variety of faces and do so well!

Size in mm: 52-19-145mm

Lens Technology: All Lens options include a scratch resistant coating (and in the case of glass, superior scratch resistance all together) as well as a backside anti-reflective coating for superior comfort and vision! A super oleophobic coating ensure the lenses are smudge resistant and easy to clean for the life of the glasses!

Overall: The Saratoga returns to dominate the market! With incredible optics, top grade materials, and a relatively great price point these are going to make their name known all over again!


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