Vuarnet 180 1929 Sunglasses (VL1929)

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Innovative, modern, and sleek, our newest mono-screen sunglasses are specially designed to extend the field of view up to 180°. Extremely lightweight, they were made for action. The 1929 features a Photochromic lens that darkens in bright light and lightens in cloudy for a perfect variable sport lens in the orange or white color, with a polarized lens in the blue frame and several mirrored and grey options! No shortage of options available in the 180! Full 180* Viewing field out of this visor design to boot makes it the perfect sporting pair of sunglasses! Built using NXT Polycarbonate lens technology, this expands Vuarnet into a whole new field with a lightweight full shield design!

  • Curved frame made from performance nylon, base 9
  • French-made organic glass with high definition technology
  • Adjustable temple for a maximal hold
  • Metallic insert for a greater resistance
  • Nose and end tips with hypoallergenic rubber for maximum comfort
  • Signature strapping with the “flag”
  • Made in France
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Comes with a blue Cordura case
Size : Large
  • Model for men
  • Great for large sized faces with round, square, rectangular and heart shapes
  • Height (A): 43 mm - Nose (B): 14 mm - Width (C): 66 mm - temple(D): 130 mm
    180° 1929


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