AO Pilot Sunglasses (Standard Hockey Temple Style)

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The Original Pilot has been a favorite of U.S. military pilots since 1958. Expect uncompromising quality - engineered to rigid military specifications. Wear it for life, it’s a look that never goes out of style.

An iconic original style built to military grade specifications. This is a timeless must have that combines durability, fashion, and optics to easily transcend time. Over 60 years of this classic is a testament to it's ability to do so! 

Lens Choices:

All frames available with your choice of Glass or Nylon lenses, Polarized or non-polarized! We recommend Glass for the discerning individual who places the visual experience above all else, or those who have more environmental focused concerns. We recommend Nylon for those who prefer something lighter on the nose and face, while still providing great optics! Either way, you're going to love how you see!
Polarization is a more personal preference, so choose wisely based on your own needs here. I won't tell you which is better, as it really comes down to how you use the glasses and your own personal preference as to which is visually more comfortable! We're all different afterall! 

Green Lenses: These will provide a nice calming effect while adding a beautiful punch of color to the world. One of my favorite lens color choices where available!

Grey Lenses: Nice, soft, color neutral, and still dark enough to provide plenty of comfort all around.

Matte Silver Available in Green Lenses Only
Silver Available in Grey Lenses Only
Gold Choose Green or Grey Lenses

For a more petite face or a classic undersized look, we recommend sticking with the 52mm. For most people with an average face, the 55mm will get the job done! For a larger face or to go with a trendy oversized look, go with the 57!

Small - 52mm
Medium - 55mm
Large - 57mm

Temple Style:
This is the model featuring the standard hockey end temple style for a more traditional fit. This is the temple style found on most modern eyewear, and fits down behind the ear. For those looking for a slimmer temple and a more traditional fit/look.
For The Bayonet Style, go here:

Lens Technology:
All Lens options include a scratch resistant coating (and in the case of glass, superior scratch resistance all together) as well as a backside anti-reflective coating for superior comfort and vision! A super oleophobic coating ensure the lenses are smudge resistant and easy to clean for the life of the glasses!

Ultimately, no matter the choices you make, these pilot sunglasses we last you for years to come, and with the various lens and color combinations can be paired together to build a great collection! 


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