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      Quality in front of your eyes: Our quality assurance

      We have stood for the highest-quality glasses for 140 years. To meet the highest standards, we have developed strictly defined quality assurance processes that ensure that only perfect lenses and frames leave the company.

      Prerequisites for production of the highest quality are strict criteria that are laid down in comprehensive guidelines. These criteria include specific technical, optical and haptic properties of our products such as, for example, uniform hinge movement or the perfect purity of our lenses. Then, you experience all of this as glasses with exceptional wearing comfort, low weight and high durability.

      Our products are subjected to extensive quality tests even in the development stage. All the individual parts of the first samples are checked for the required quality. In addition, special machines and equipment test the long-term reliable operation of each individual element, for example the stability of the hinge movement even after opening and closing the sides thousands of times. After a new product starts selling, monitoring starts, which registers every complaint and immediately initiates improvement measures.

      From the development to the finished glasses, you can rely on getting the high quality that you expect from Rodenstock.