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The quintessential aviator from the company that originated the style. A favorite of U.S. military pilots for more than 50 years. Engineered to rigid military specifications and built to last, they’re the only aviator you’ll need.

While American Optical says this is the only aviator you'll need, it's definitely not the only one you'll want! This is a great staple stepping stone into growing your sunglasses wardrobe, even if this is truly the only aviator you choose. Thanks to the range of lens options available, you can bend these to suit your will almost as easily as the P'8478 interchangeable lens aviator (Yeah, you're gonna want one of those too). 

Lens Choices: All frames available with your choice of Glass or Nylon lenses, Polarized or non-polarized! We recommend Glass for the discerning individual who places the visual experience above all else, or those who have more environmental focused concerns. We recommend Nylon for those who prefer something lighter on the nose and face, while still providing great optics! Either way, you're going to love how you see!

Polarization: This is a more personal preference (Unless you're on the water a lot, then it's a must... unless of course you're trying to land a plan on the water!), so choose wisely based on your own needs here. I won't tell you which is better, as it really comes down to how you use the glasses and your own personal preference as to which is visually more comfortable! We're all different after all! 

Green Lenses: These will provide a nice calming effect while adding a beautiful punch of color to the world. One of my favorite lens color choices where available!*

Grey Lenses: Nice, soft, color neutral, and still dark enough to provide plenty of comfort all around.*

Brown Lenses: Designed to enhance contrast and have a nice warming affect. These are perfectly at home out on the road!*

*Frame Color Determines Lens Color

Sizing: These sunglasses fall in the large to oversized category, but trust me, when it comes to aviator, that's the whole point! Nobody wants to see an undersized aviator, especially one with a pronounced teardrop such as these. If you're unsure, go big. You can never go wrong with an oversize aviator! 

Medium: 55-14-145
Large: 58-14-145

Lens Technology: All Lens options include a scratch resistant coating (and in the case of glass, superior scratch resistance all together) as well as a backside anti-reflective coating for superior comfort and vision! A super oleophobic coating ensure the lenses are smudge resistant and easy to clean for the life of the glasses! With your choice of Nylon or Glass you can choose

Overall: The General is that ever classic big rounded aviator we all think of, and this new version is going to be a trend for generations to come all over again. With the variety of options in lens type, it's sure to fit a wide range of needs!


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